Services: subscriptions, referrals, fractional CTO


The Sill is a modern plant destination for the modern plant lover.

The Sill approached us after doing a full rebrand of their store with another agency. They were looking for a developer who could continue building on the work, now that the agency's contract was over.

Additionally, they later decided to launch a referral program, an annual membership, and a "Plant of the Month" subscription.


We became The Sill's "fractional CTO" for nearly two years before they got to the stage where they decided to bring a full-time developer in-house. During our time with them, we helped make substantial theme changes, launch a forum, and advise on business solutions for their store.

We got their referral program up and running using Conjured Referrals, implementing both a landing page and a post-purchase pop-up.

Finally, after vetting their hypothesis for launching a plant subscription and an annual membership using another app, we transitioned them to Conjured Subscriptions to provide them with a greater degree of control and customizability.