Services: site build, subscriptions, fractional CTO


Vinebox offers quarterly wine-by-the-glass memberships. They provide 12 curated wines in perfectly measured pours each month.

When we first started working with them, Vinebox was using a completely different platform to manage their wine subscriptions, and found it lacking. After some initial consultation with us, they decided to move to Shopify, find a new recurring billing solution, and perform a rebrand at the same time.


We were originally drawn to Vinebox because their concept is genius, and shortly afterwards were lucky enough to start a multi-year working relationship with their amazing team.

Using Vinebox's subscription needs as a guide, we began building what is now Conjured Subscriptions. When their design agency was ready, we took their mockups and developed a fully-featured Shopify theme, and integrated our new subscription app into the build.

After launch, we continued working with Vinebox in a "fractional CTO" capacity — adding new features, updating their theme, and providing tech consulting as needed.